Kathrin Stumreich

Curator of the festival and symposium Solar Habitat

work(s) at Symposion Lindabrunn:

Solarshower Remake
Dirk Baecker,  Marianne Ertl,  Kathrin Stumreich
In collaboration with Marianne Ertl, Dirk Baecker and Kathrin Stumreich/CSUI, the remake of Heinz von Förster's Sun Shower was initiated and installed at Lindabrunn. From a loudspeaker you can hear Dirk Baecker talking about his memory of that moment when he stood with Heinz von Förster in his garden and got to know the sun shower. In 2021, the remake once again emphasizes Förster's wish, namely that he, cyberneticist, magician and scientist, wanted to have this analog feel-good apparatus, which directly serves the human body, posthumously described as his most important invention.

Solar Habitat
Dirk Baecker,  Marianne Ertl,  Kathrin Stumreich,  Gottfried Haider,  Chris Janka,  Leo Peschta, (and more...)
Solar Habitat (Ausstellung und Symposium) kuratiert von The Center of Solar Use Interpretation (CSUI) widmet sich solaren Interpretation im Kontext der Kunst und des Klimadiskurses. (more…)