Pauline Louise Noémi Jocher + Maris Nisu + Maximilian Prag + Marlene Kager

Pauline Louise Noémi Jocher is a multidisciplinary graphic designer & artist. Pauline’s interests vary from internet culture to poststructuralist ideas & representations of reality but also really enjoys good food and wine.
Maximilian Prag is a young designer and visual artist from Linz testing contemporary visual and new media culture. Maximilian works with new media in between visual communication and art on new formats of digital and online representation, virtual worlds and generative design.
Maris Nisu is a graphic designer from Estonia, currently living and working in Vienna. Her practice extends from the classical means of graphic design to art direction and curation.
Marlene Kager is a young graphic designer originally from Upper Austria. Her interest expands over different fields of graphic design but finds its home in typography and everything that’s connected to letters and their shifting shapes.
The group found each other for the identity of the Angewandte Festival where the developed the concept of the AI-NIMALS.