Uncanny Realities

Fri, 23. 7. 2021
Sat, 24. 7. 2021
Martina Menegon

curated by Martina Menegon

Curatorial line:

Life online is in no way less authentic than life afk (away from keyboard). There is no “digital dualism” but a Hybrid, a complex assemblage of Virtual and Physical realities. Here the Virtual spills into the Physical and the Physical spills into the Virtual. In our Hybrid Reality, the online and the offline, the Virtual and the Physical coexist and are interdependent.

In 1992, Neal Stephenson‘s science ction novel “Snow Crash” introduces the concept of the Metaverse, a virtual world that can be accessed through public or private terminals located in the physical reality. It is a virtual space that interdependently coexists with our of ine reality. It is a universe in which to expand the perspective of the so called “Real”, until we get to see our “Reality” as inside out. In fact, the Virtual has everything to do with the physical world as the virtual is always constructed by the human and therefor can not be separated from the socio- political context in which it exists. It embeds our dreams, ambitions, culture, ethics as well as intolerance, prejudice, racism, violence and ultimately politics.
Through an exhibition and a series of workshops, talks, panel discussions and live events, the festival “Uncanny Reality” looks at the Virtual as an artistic medium and investigates the subversive uses of technology in art. It explores the body as a political site and the politics of technology, the tension between the contemporary Self and intelligent systems. The festival will discuss the concept of Hybrid Realities through a hybrid format that spills into both realities, existing both virtually online and physically afk.

Die ausgewählten Augmented Reality Arbeiten sind im Innenraum mit entsprechenden AR-Interfaces zu erleben, werden draussen über Laptops oder über mobile interfaces präsentiert und projeziert bzw. sind als Drucke ausgestellt.
Mit den eingeladenen KünstlerInnen finden zwei Dikussionsrunden und drei 1 – 3stündige Workshops statt.
Die Veranstaltung kann in Bezugnahme auf die Covid-19 Situation gegebenenfalls online sowie im Aussenraum mit ergänzenden Übertragungen durchgeführt werden.