all artist(s) of Uncanny Reality

Brooklyn J. Pakathi uses art as a mean to unfold. Their cross-dimensional practice plays with the aesthetic language of the internet whilst in dialogue with questions of navigating the intermediary space of transference between body and virtual anxieties of being (more…)

Pauline Louise Noémi Jocher is a multidisciplinary graphic designer & artist. After growing up between Chicago, New York & Berlin but having her roots in France & Austria is now (more or less) based in Vienna. (more…)

Maximilian Prag is a young designer and visual artist from Linz testing contemporary visual and new media culture. He started studying design in Lisbon and after an internship in Vienna applied to the University of Applied Arts, (more…)

Marlene Kager is a young graphic designer originally from Upper Austria. Since 2019 she is based in Vienna as she started her studies at the University of Applied Arts. (more…)

Maris Nisu is a graphic designer from Estonia, currently living and working in Vienna. She graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts and extended her studies during Erasmus exchange in Lisbon. (more…)

The works of Christiane Peschek live between emotional alienation, self-sacralisation and fluid identity research in an extended virtual space. (more…)

Stefano D’Alessio (1987 Italy) is a new media artist, performer, composer, educator and all-round tech nerd. He creates audio-visual compositions, interactive performances and installations using media technologies as performing partners. (more…)

Ernst Lima is an artist and musician who lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Alexander Martinz, born 1979 in Klagenfurt, studied Electroacoustic Composition and Transmedia Art. He teaches at the University of Applied Arts and lives and works as a composer and media artist in Vienna. He is interested in the different logics and traditions of audiovisual media as well as in their correlations. Complex transformations of popcultural material can be considered a foundation of his work.

Feel My Metaverse,  Feel My Metaverse
Tanya Cruz,   Hana Omori,   Isabel Ramos

Keiken are a collaborative practice, co-founded by artists Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos in 2015, who frequently work with multiple collaborators. (more…)

George Jasper Stone
Feel My Metaverse,  Feel My Metaverse

George Jasper Stone is a digital artist based in London, UK. Their practice is often collaboratively based, working with musicians, artists, live performance, contemporary dance, set design, photography, installation, fashion print, VFX and graphic design. (more…)

Theo Triantafyllidis (b. 1988, Athens, GR) is an artist who builds virtual spaces and the interfaces for the human body to inhabit them. (more…)

Line Finderup Jensen
Here comes the sun,  Here Comes the sun

Line Finderup Jensen (* 1991/Denmark) works and lives in Vienna, Austria. With a background in video and animation from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2019), Jensen works as an artist and freelancer in film, 3D simulation and interactive video. Her work is presented internationally in solo and group exhibitions and screened at film and media festivals.

Kumbirai Makumbe
Evo's Turn,  Evo’s Turn

Kumbirai Makumbe currently takes form as a London based artist who believes in the transmutation of the intangible yet experiential.

They place significant effort into speculative explorations of alternative modes of being and thinking that result in emancipation. (more…)

T(n)C – The (new) Constellation
Uncanny Reality, (and more...)
Tina Kult,   Agnes Varnai

T(n)C was founded in 2017 by Agnes Varnai and Tina Kult. They live and work in Vienna and experiment with a wide range of media, (more…)

Martina Menegon is an artist working with interactive and extended reality art. In her works, Martina creates intimate and complex assemblages of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its synthetic corporeality. She experiments with the uncanny and the grotesque-including the self, the body, and the dialogue between the physical and virtual realities-to create disorienting virtual experiences. (more…)